At Environmental Products Group, we proudly represent the best brands. Our product line consists of Elgin Street Sweepers, Vactor Sewer Cleaners, Envirosight Sewer Inspection Systems, Petersen Grapple Trucks, Monroe Snow & Ice equipment, Used Equipment, Pacific Tek Valve Exercisers and Vacuum Bodies, Sonetics Headsets, Madvac Sweepers and Litter Collectors, Vaporooter & Grease Release, Duratech Tub Grinders, and a host of parts, tools, and accessories. We also specialize in rental trucks, so whether you have a need for short or long term, we have the solution for you.

Factory Authorized Repairs
We also boast factory authorized repairs at all of our locations where you can turn an old but worthy truck back into a workhorse. We specialize in local service by factory trained technicians. We even offer full service maintenance contracts with onsight service and loaners trucks. With shrinking fleets and limited resources, let Environmental Products take care of all your maintenance needs. With our full service “Mile After Mile” maintenance program, we assist you from “cradle to grave” and never leave you needing or wanting anything.

Parts Department
Also make sure to stay in contact with our Parts Department to get the products you need. We always have over $1,000,000 in parts inventory, so getting you what you need is never a problem. Between our in house Parts Specialists or our onsight, Mobile Parts specialist, we have you covered. Interested in trying a nozzle before you buy it? Our mobile parts team will bring it to you. We also offer competitive brands’ parts.

street sweepers for sale

Elgin Street Sweepers

Clean streets and surfaces are vital to air quality, water quality and overall community health and safety. True cleaning requires a rugged, reliable machine that can take it to the extreme like only Elgin street sweepers can. Backed by nearly 100 years of engineering and manufacturing know-how, service excellence, the highest sweeper standards, and the support of the industry’s strongest dealer network, we uphold the Elgin promise for our street sweepers to be there for the life of your machine.

sewer cleaners for sale

Vactor Sewer Cleaners

Maintaining clean sewer lines is not only necessary for sustaining properly functioning systems, but it’s also essential to the health and cleanliness of surrounding communities and the environment. For over 50 years, Vactor has been the leader in building sewer cleaners with technological innovation and custom configurable design. With a rich history that spans most of the century, Vactor Manufacturing continues to be respected as an innovative designer and manufacturer of products using pneumatics.

hydro excavators for sale

Vactor Hydro Excavators

The Vactor HXX Series of Hydro Excavators®, are proven leaders in hydro excavation, with a full line of powerful machines that safely tackle major excavations while also managing smaller jobs with precision. Vactor offers the widest range of vacuum excavators for the Utility Industry. For over 50 years, Vactor Manufacturing has been building durable, reliable products using air conveyance, high pressure water and vacuum technology.

sewer crawler cameras for sale

Envirosight Sewer Cameras

Envirosight offers manhole cameras, crawlers, zoom survey cameras, robotic crawlers, small pipe push cameras, documentation software, inspection vehicles, in-line robotic pipe cutters, and video nozzles. Its tools are used in various applications including the inspection of sewer, water, and stormwater lines, as well as manholes, wet wells, vessels, and electrical conduits.

grapple trucks for sale

Petersen Grapple Trucks

Petersen is the #1 grapple truck manufacturer, building trash collection systems to meet a variety of needs. Petersen Industries, Inc. manufactures equipment for the trash, agricultural, arboricultural, and aggregate markets. Petersen products make even the toughest jobs easier.

Peterson Products
plow trucks for sale

Monroe Snow Plows and Spreaders

Monroe Truck Equipment offers all of the solutions you need for snow and ice management. Offerings include plows, spreaders and liquid management systems. Environmental Products Group will work with you to make sure you are configured properly for all applications; municipal cleanup, contractors and airport snow management.

Monroe Products
street sweepers for sale

Madvac Litter Collectors

Madvac machines are compact vehicles that collect litter via a vacuum process. They significantly increase productivity and efficiency by eliminating the need for hand collection. Our vacuum litter collectors are designed to pick up glass, bottles, paper, cans and any other type of debris commonly found on sidewalks, in parks or on the street.

hydro excavators for sale

Pacific Tek Exercisers and Excavators

Pacific Tek valve exercisers and vacuum excavators offer everything you need to do a wide variety of work. Choose from hydraulic, gas or diesel driven trucks, trailers or skid mounted units. Select a quick response trailered unit or a full sized chassis version. Valve exercising and vacuum excavating is easy with Pacific Tek.

tree chippers for sale

Duratech Tub Grinders

DuraTech Industrial Tub Grinders are efficient and economical for grinding jobs that do not require high horsepower. They are powered by a 325 horsepower (242.4 Kw) C9 Caterpillar electronic diesel engine that meets tier III emissions standards and is connected to the heavy duty mill by a PT self adjusting, microprocessor controlled clutch. Our tub grinders are designed and built by DuraTech for those tough grinding jobs at an affordable price.

headsets for sale

Sonetics Headsets

Whether your crew is clearing storm drains, striping, milling, or removing downed trees, Sonetics wireless headsets deliver rugged performance for demanding crews on tough jobs. The headsets perform in rain, heat, snow and mud, and you can count on talking with your crew no matter the conditions. Sonetics works with customers in industries like yours to engineer and deliver wireless headsets and communication systems that help you work smarter and safer.

root control for sale

Vaporooter & Grease Release

If you’re in water and sewer management or contracting, you know how roots in your sanitary sewers are choking the life out of your system. Scientific research and more than a hundred million feet of experience prove Vaporooter is the most effective way to rid your system of roots.

nozzles for sale

Parts, Nozzles & Accessories

Environmental Products Group offers a wide range of nozzles to satisfy the most difficult pipe cleaning conditions imaginable. We offer value priced Tier 1 nozzles and up to the most efficient Tier 3 nozzles.We will customize your nozzle selection to match your equipment, yielding a nozzle that will deliver when used in your daily challenges.

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