We stock OEM Parts as well as aftermarket parts to keep you up and running. We have over $1,000,000 worth of parts inventory on the shelf waiting for your order. Environmental Products is the largest supplier of the parts and accessories that you need for your street sweepers, sewer cleaners, sewer camera units and all other related equipment.

Street Sweeper Parts & Equipment

Main Brooms

Made from 100% virgin polypropylene resin filament to resist abrasion, extend broom life and provide better flick action.

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Side Brooms

Provides many hours of sweeping service. The broom wire is a superior oil tempered for outstanding flick action.

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Broom Packaging


Less expensive than pre-packaged segments, broom packages require less storage at your facility and lower freight charges. Packaging is also greener, because it yields less trash in landfills. Available for Elgin Street Sweepers and competitors equipment.

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Chevron Conveyor Belts


The new revolutionary design has an improved hopper throw to the center of the hopper; consequently right side loading is significantly reduced. With even more distribution of debris in the hopper, sweeping can continue for longer period of time without stopping to dump.

Debris on the Chevron belt naturally moves toward the center, diminishing edge spill over that can cause trailing. Preventing trailing means better debris pickup, no call-backs to resweep and greater overall productivity.

Sewer Cleaning Parts & Equipment

Sewer Hoses


Standard Sewer Hose
Made of yellow polyolefin tube, double tensile braid reinforcement, and a polyurethane cover. 2500-5000 PSI.

ArmorBelt Hose from Piranha
ArmorBelt hose extends the life of the hose by improving cut and abrasion resistance by adding a layer of rugged polymer belting.

ArmorBelt Beacon Hose from Piranha
ArmorBelt Beacon hose is the only detectable beacon hose in the industry and can be used with any transmitter or locator.

Hose Color Guide:
Orange = 2,500 PSI, Blue = 3,000 PSI and Green = 4,000 PSI

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Soil Surgeon

This is the most powerful Hydro-Excavating tool on the market. It features:

  • A 6′ Tuff Tube
  • Y connection for water and/or air and handles for easy maneuvering
  • Water ring with tips boring inward to cut the soil and outward to get tube down
  • Bumpers on bottom to protect tips and lines.
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Aluminum Vacuum Tubes


Aluminum vacuum tubes are designed to be light weight for easy handling, corrosion resistant for long life and strong enough to handle the toughest jobs.

Six and eight-inch tubes are available in 3, 5, 6 and 8-foot sizes.

Higbee Vacuum Tubes

Higbee vacuum tubes are unlike conventional tubes that require air adapters. They utilize special inner tube with fixed air ports to regulate air flow and suction.

Available in 6 or 8 inch sizes.

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Inline Jetsonde Nozzle Locator

Inline Jetsonde

The patented “Inline Jetsonde” was developed to be used in conjunction with most large sewer cleaning jetting systems on the market today. The rugged and unique design will assist jet truck operators who require the location of deep underground utilities when conventional CCTV equipment or traditional battery operated sondes are insufficient or unavailable. Inline Jetsonde’s patented design ensures full signal strength in any position within the pipeline and eliminates the possibility of the sonde disconnecting.


  • Precision locate while jetting underground pipelines using the patented “Inline” design
  • Universal design for use with most cleaning nozzles
  • Connect to any ¾” or 1” NPT fitting
  • Easily attaches to hose and nozzle without special tools
  • Locate Jetsonde at depths up to 40 feet
  • Quickly and easily interchange sonde modules for different locating frequencies
  • Uses standard AA batteries
  • Fully sealed sonde electronics and coil
  • Rugged carbon fiber construction ensures maximum durability

4 Frequencies to choose from: 512Hz, 33Khz, 8Khz and 640Hz


We offer an array of locators to fit your need and budget.

  • Precision multi-frequency locator
  • Omni-directional guidance feature
  • Additional frequencies available—easily activated through programming feature
  • Included in Jetsonde/STP Pinpoint Locator Package or sold separately 2 year standard warranty with 4 year extended warranty if registered online
  • Optional 3W or 5W transmitter available for utility locating capabilities

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