How To: Winterize Your Vactor

When the temperature drops each year, equipment has a much higher risk of being damaged. This winter, make sure to be prepared for freezing weather by correctly winterizing your Vactor 2100i. By properly performing this winterization process, you will be avoiding possible damage and unforeseen expenses to your unit. To prevent water from freezing in the tank, download EPG’s exclusive PDF below.


  • Hose must be wrapped tightly and orderly on the hose reel when draining the water system
  • Chassis engine needs to be running for proper operation of the air purge system
  • All drains should be left open and all plugs removed from the water system and stored in the toolbox

If you have any questions, please call us at 855.552.3742 to speak with someone who can walk through the process with you. Avoid ice damage this winter with the help of Environmental Products Group!