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Why HXX?

When you buy or rent a TRUVAC Vacuum Excavator from EPG, you’re making a commitment to dig smart. Digging smart means digging with equipment that not only gets the job done faster, but also safer. Equipped with precision safety features like DigRight water pressure control, no machine handles challenges better. With TRUVAC you can dig with greater precision, dependability, and service.

Why Choose Vacuum Excavation?

There are more than 20 million miles of underground utilities in the US, which is more than a football field’s length of buried utilities for every man, woman, and child in the US! Uncovering these pipelines can be dangerous work and lead to serious injury if not uncovered properly. Vacuum excavation is a non-mechanical and non-destructive way of uncovering buried utility lines.

Digging without the proper safety precautions can cause damage to gas, electric, communications, water and sewer lines, which can lead to service disruptions and/or costly repairs. Vacuum excavation is less invasive, meaning it causes less damage to buried lines or utility pipes, and the risk of damage to these lines is virtually eliminated.

Vacuum excavation requires less manpower than conventional digging, while digging by hand is both time consuming and exhausting.

Vacuum Excavator Applications

  • Underground Utility and Line Location
  • Potholing
  • Keyholing
  • Trenching
  • Daylighting Underground Infrastructure
  • Water Valve Box Clean Out
  • Precise Excavations
  • Excavation In Frozen Ground
  • Excavating In Tight Locations
  • Excavating Remotely At Long Distances
Vacuum Excavation Best Practices

TRUVAC by Vactor Manufacturing is a new brand of premium vacuum excavation trucks designed specifically to accommodate the safe-digging requirements for locating underground utility lines and pipes. The product line includes the sub-compact Paradigm, the mid-size Prodigy, and the full-size HXX. Give us a call for a free demo, or more information at 855.552.EPG2, or contact us here.