Vactor Water Recycler

Proven to save thousands of gallons of clean water in every shift
  • Absolute water filtration to 100 micron particle sizes

  • Eliminates most abrasive particles to protect the water pump, hoses, nozzles, and the sewer lines

  • 5-Stage filtration system – system uniquely combines settling, centrifugal separation, and absolute filtration to 100 micron**

  • Simultaneous operation – Recycles water while cleaning lines

  • Stainless Steel construction – All valves, filters, screens, and piping on the recycling system are stainless steel

  • Self-Cleaning – The absolute classification filter is continuously cleaned automatically

  • Simple to operate – System is highly automated to allow operator to focus on cleaning lines

  • No moving parts in the body or tanks

  • Never a need to enter a body or tank to maintain the system components

  • Uses the proven Vactor Jet-Rodder pump – The large diameter, slow moving jet rodder pump handles dirty water better than high speed pumps

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