The Route Assistant

The Petersen Route Assistant is a superior choice when looking to add to your fleet. Incorporating options with a side-loading trough, full size trough and half-trough, the Route Assistant will make your job easier.

This piece of equipment…

  • Can carry heavy loads
  • Holds a large capacity of debris
  • Combines both a Loader and Route Assistant

Structural Key Points:

  • A-frame pedestal design allows flexing under repeated load shocks
  • Replaceable Cast Nylon bushings used in head assembly
  • Head assembly is stress relieved
  • Reinforced connection points with hardened pins and replaceable bushings
  • Counterbalance valves used on boom cylinders and pilot operated check valves used on vertical outrigger cylinders

Standard Trash Dump Body Specs:

  • 18 feet, 24 cubic yard capacity is standard (larger sizes available)
  • 3/16″ solid plate floor on cross members with 12″ centers

Interested in learning how the Route Assistant can impact your day-to-day efficiency? Click HERE to see our current inventory or call 855.552.3742 to learn more.