That’s How the Cookie Crumbles!

  • There was an unfortunate day in Georgia when a local cookie company realized their peanut butter was contaminated when metal shavings. Sadly, this was not a small amount of peanut butter… No, it was more than 30 semi-trucks worth! In a bind, this cookie company had to figure out how to get rid of the peanut butter filled with metal shavings and disposed of at a dump site.

    The company expected this project to undertake a total of four weeks, which is quite a long time in the business world! Having this large of a setback, they contacted Environmental Products Group to help them handle the situation. EPG then used two TRUVAC HXX full-sized excavators for the job and successfully completed the removal in only eight days!

The largest benefit of using the HXX trucks is that the pumps are so powerful, especially when simultaneously using the hot water feature. Using both of these features, it only took 10 minutes to thoroughly clean out and completely flush each of the tanker trucks containing the contaminated peanut butter.

Removing unwanted items has never been easier with both a TRUVAC and the help of Environmental Products Group!