Steer Clear of Solid Waste with Labrie

Recently, EPG began representing Labrie Enviroquip Group solid waste products throughout the states of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and the Caribbean. We are more than excited to continue to grow our brand!

With this new partnership, we are now offering Labrie Side Loaders, Leach Rear Loaders and Wittke Front Loaders. Check out some models below!

Automizer HH

The Automizer Helping-Hand, is the ultimate combination of our High Efficiency straight frame ASL body, with the smooth and simple, Helping-Hand automated arm. A low load sill, with access door on the curbside, allows hand loading access, for unmatched versatility and seamless performance. Decades of experience and proven engineering have lead us to build the perfect solution for your application, with one of the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Leach 2R-III

Meet the truck that more operators demand over any other rear loader in the industry. With its standard 3.5 yd3 hopper, 5.5”packer/carrier operating cylinders, and class-leading 22-second packing cycle, it’s no wonder the Leach™ 2R Series is labeled as the most efficient rear-load collection tool on the road today.

Wittke Featherweight

The Wittke Featherweight is our optimized weight front loader designed to maximize the legal payload of your residential & recycling routes. The Featherweight is low weight but it’s built strong. Its body has been engineered to withstand the same daily abuses as our heavy duty front loaders. And it’s boasting the same hydraulics and the same 10,000 lbs load rated arms as our Starlight and Superduty.