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Whether your crew is clearing storm drains, striping, milling, or removing downed trees, Sonetics wireless headsets deliver rugged performance for demanding crews on tough jobs. These headsets perform in rain, heat, snow and mud. Count on talking with your crew no matter the conditions. Sonetics works with customers in industries like yours to engineer and deliver wireless headsets and communication systems that help you work smarter and safer. Hands-free, full duplex wireless headsets allow work crews to communicate in real time, just like a conference call. Scalable, expandable, reliable… Sonetics Wireless.

Wireless Headsets

Powered by the latest DECT7 wireless technology, the APX377 connects you to team members in full-duplex conversation with advanced hearing protection. With no delays, no buttons to push and no clipping or interference, the multi-channel capability of these headsets lets multiple teams operate simultaneously in the same work area. Push-to-talk or monitor virtually any portable two-way radio via a direct-wire cable connection (wired portable radio adapter required, radio not included).

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Headsets for sale

The APX379 adds Bluetooth technology to the features included on the APX377. Pair your mobile phone to make phone calls, listen to music or connect with your enterprise Bluetooth enabled device, all while providing advanced hearing protection. With wireless DECT7, wireless Bluetooth, wired portable two-way radio connectivity, and an integrated personal sound dosimeter, this headset provides unparalleled features and safety.

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Headsets for sale

Base Stations

Connect up to five APX377 or APX379 wireless headsets with DECT7 full duplex team communication. The SON-150 supports up to 100 users in broadcast mode for tour groups or educational applications. Multiple base stations may be combined with one or more intercom units to support up to 60 users in a single local audio network. The SON150 is USB programmable for adding channels and specific connection profiles.

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Headsets for sale

The Sonetics DECT7 Wireless Portable Communication System has everything your team needs to communicate and protect hearing on the job site. Up to 10 Apex APX377 or APX379 (with Bluetooth) wireless headsets and a battery-powered portable DECT7 ComHub are enclosed in a waterproof Pelican charging case for easy transportation and storage.

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Headsets for sale

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