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EP Rents, a division of Environmental Products Group, specializes in rental trucks when you need them. We have Vactor Sewer Cleaner Rental Trucks and Trailer Jetters, Elgin Sweeper Rental Trucks, Envirosight Inspection Rental Trucks and Sewer Cameras, and Petersen Grapple Rental Trucks.

So why lease or rent from us? Besides our quality equipment and excellent service support throughout our six service locations, we offer:

  • Rent Purchase Options (RPO) that offer rental reimbursements
  • Included Preventative Maintenance
  • Mobile service vehicles to provide onsite service

We understand that some jobs require short term solutions, and sometimes buying a new piece of equipment isn’t the most affordable option. EP Rents works with you to meet your budget requirements. It’s easy to see why contractors and municipalities alike seek out EP Rents for their rental needs. Contact us for your next short or long term sewer truck rental, street sweeper rental, grapple truck rental, or sewer camera rental in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Arkansas.

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Sewer Cleaners for Rent

We have a substantial fleet of Vactor rental trucks and trailer jetters when you need them. Ideal for public utilities and professional contractors, these machines combine high-level performance with operator simplicity, and are top-of-the-line when it comes to fast, efficient sewer cleaning. At Environmental Products Group we pride ourselves in offering quality products to suit the diverse needs of our customers. So, whether you are in need of a daily, weekly, or monthly sewer cleaning rental, we have an option for you.

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Hydro Excavators for Rent

At EPG Rents, we offer full size Vactor Hydro Excavators with pusher axels, Vactor Paradigms, and Vac Tron trailers. Vactor’s HXX Series of Hydro Excavators are the proven leaders in hydro excavation. These powerful machines safely tackle major excavations while also managing smaller jobs with great precision. For over 50 years, Vactor has been building durable, reliable products using air conveyance, high pressure water and vacuum technology, and we are proud to offer these units within our rental fleet.

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Street Sweepers for Rent

Our stock of Elgin rental sweepers includes Crosswind air sweepers and Eagle, Broom Bear and Broom Badger mechanical sweepers. With over 100 years in the sweeper industry, Elgin offers the best sweeping technology for every application. At Environmental Products Group, we can provide you with a rental sweeper for just a few days up to a few months. We will work with you to help you meet the needs of your toughest jobs.

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Grapple Trucks for Rent

We offer Petersen’s flagship product, the TL-3 Lightning Loader, in our grapple truck rental fleet. Petersen’s line of Lightning Loaders are world-renowned for being both safe and efficient. Built to collect even the toughest loads, these trucks make the most demanding jobs easier. No matter if you’re looking for a long or short term rental, at Environmental Products, our Petersen grapple truck rentals provide the solution to meet all of your waste collection and hauling needs.

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Envirosight Truck Rentals

At Environmental Products Group, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality rental equipment. That is why we include Envirosight’s camera inspection technology in our rental fleet. Envirosight offers first-rate sewer inspection trucks that are custom built for comfort and productivity. Our rental units are ready to mobilize your sewer inspection capabilities for the amount of time that your job requires.

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