Imagine saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water every year as you maintain and repair sewer lines, that is the key benefit of the Vactor Water Recycling System available on the Vactor 2100i combination sewer cleaners. Eliminating the need to refill a water tank, you drive up productivity, saving time, effort and expense as you protect the infrastructure and people of your community.


Proven to save thousands of gallons of clean water in every shift, includes these unique features:

  • Increase productivity up to 100% as you clean more lines in less time with fewer interruptions
  • Reuse water already in the sewer eliminating the need for fresh water
  • Simple to operate and self-cleaning with no moving parts in the body or tanks
  • 5-Step Water Filtration Process combines settling, centrifugal separation and absolute filtration to 100 microns
  • Absolute water filtration eliminates most abrasive particles to protect the water pump, hoses, nozzles and sewer lines
  • Water is recycled while cleaning lines for greater efficiency
  • Stainless steel construction for years of reliable service
  • Never a need to enter the body or tank for maintenance
  • Easy to use – a simple button activates the system
  • Not only saves water, but cuts fuel costs by eliminating the need to travel from job sites to water filling facilities