With 60 years of experience, Monroe Truck Equipment has developed a dominant place in the truck equipment industry, as they are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of every customer. In addition, they are the nation’s leading manufacturer of Snow and Ice control Equipment. Environmental Products is proud to offer Monroe’s line of equipment. We offer the complete line of snowplows, salt and sand spreaders, Liquid Delivery Systems for anti-icing and pre-wet applications, Airport Snowplow and Liquid Systems, and a host of hydraulic options to power your snow equipment.

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Full Tip Reversible: This versatile, general purpose full trip plow is best used for municipal, commercial, airport and off road plowing.
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C-style torsion: Used primarily in metropolitan areas, this sectional trip plow allows you to pass over an immovable object without losing the snow load — only the section hitting the object will trip.

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J-style Torsion Trip: This plow is best used in metropolitan areas. The curve of the moldboard casts the snow downward, reducing damage from thrown snow and avoids covering sidewalks & driveways. Additionally, spring tension is adjustable on the J-Style plow, whereas it is not adjustable on the C-Style Torsion Trip Edge.

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Expressway:  Primarily used in rural areas, mountain passes, expressways and interstate highways, this plow is designed to discharge snow to the right or to the left, depending on the angle of the plow. Available in full trip or slotted trip.

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V-Plow: The Monroe V-Plow provides a 10′ clearing path! Available in two intake/discharge heights: 42″ x 72″ or 56″ x 82″. Various truck hitch attachments to choose from.

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One-way, high speed slotted: This plow is designed for high-speed use in rural paved areas with deep snow.

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