Xtremevac products are used to collect leaves, trash, plastic bottles, grass clippings and much more! XtremeVac offers some of the most powerful trailer and truck-mounted debris collectors in the industry. Self Contained Debris Collector. .

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Truck Mounted Automated Self Contained Debris Collector: The fast, efficient way to collect leaves and debris. One person, one vehicle- collect leaves and other debris without mess, safely from the cab of the truck.

Increases Productivity
There is no worker fatigue and no inclement weather to work in because the driver never has to leave the truck while collecting or dumping the load. So the worker can spend more time collecting debris.

Saves Money
There is no need for a leaf “crew”. One person can do the work of three and do it faster than in a normal debris collection program. This means a great savings in labor costs and in productivity.

Available in 14, 20, 25 and 30 CY Capacities
ODB has 4 different sizes to meet all your needs. We start with a 14 cubic yard box container and go all the way up to a 30 cubic yard box container.

3-Axis Hydraulic Hose Boom
The DCL800SM-3X has a 3-axis controlled hose boom that precisely controls the movement of the hose boom in/out, left/right and up/down.