Raw sewage and wastewater host an abundance of dangerous parasites, bacteria and viruses. Frequent exposure to these pathogens puts sewer workers at risk. The best way to reduce the risks associated with exposure to wastewater is to reduce sewer worker exposure to the viruses and bacteria contained in wastewater. With the Vanguard Pathogen Defense System this can help keep your wastewater workers healthy. This device is designed to sanitize the sewer jetter and CCTV trucks to keep the operators of the equipment safe from viruses

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Built to last

Constructed from stainless steel, 6061 aircraft aluminum, and the highest quality electrical and mechanical components, the Vanguard System is trouble free and built to last – proudly made in the USA.


It only costs a few dollars per day to operate the Vanguard-System. In other words, this investment is paid for by a reduction in worker sick days and potential reduction in health and liability insurance premiums.

Easy to Install

Whether you or your Vanguard System dealer perform the installation, the modular design and complete installation kit make it possible to install the Vanguard System on any make or model of Combination, Jet, or CCTV truck in two to three hours. All nuts, bolts, washers, tubes and fittings are included.