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When waste is accumulated, there are times when specialized equipment and handling is needed to safely and efficiently collect large, difficult, and potentially hazardous items. When this is the case, you’ll need top-of-the-line equipment like our Petersen Products. Petersen Industries provide top of the line Loaders and Grapple trucks.

Family owned and operated since 1957, Petersen is the #1 grapple truck manufacturer building trash collection systems to meet a variety of needs. Petersen Industries, Inc. manufactures equipment for the trash, agricultural, arboricultural, and aggregate markets. With over 60 years of experience manufacturing knuckleboom loaders, they have improved and refined the performance of these trucks to become the leading industry-standard. Designed to save you and your crew time and money,

Their flagship product, the legendary Lightning Loader Grapple Truck, is known worldwide for its heavy-duty, safe, and efficient waste collection and container transport. With a number of different models available, Petersen and Environmental Products have the solution to your waste collection and hauling demands.

Petersen products make even the toughest jobs easier. Make sure to check out our collection of Grapple trucks for sale below.

Petersen trucks for sale

The TL-3 is our most popular and versatile unit. A single operator can load, haul and dump trash with this unit.

Petersen trucks for sale

The AL-1 Atlas Lightning Loader is a heavy duty grapple loader mounted onto a chassis from behind the cab, equipped with Petersen’s Big Bite bucket at the end of the boom. CNG Capable.

Petersen trucks for sale

The Jack-of-all-trades loader, the Route Assistant incorporates a side-loading trough to the front of the dump body and can be a full-trough system or half-trough and cart tipper.

Petersen trucks for sale

The RL-3 is great system for high volume route collection.

Petersen trucks for sale

The rear-mounted RL-3 is designed for loading into attached trailers, or into separate haul trucks.

Petersen trucks for sale

This model was designed to add efficiency to the container transport process – save on fuel and labor costs while moving more cans in less time!

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