Paving a Smoother Way Through the Harsh Winter

Is your city prepared for this upcoming season? Wear and tear on roadways throughout the winter months can be severe. The amount of damage that can be done within a couple of months can cost local government hundreds of thousands of dollars. Environmental Products Group is here to help you through those tough months! As an exclusive PB Loader dealer, we are your go-to for truck loaders, asphalt patchers and emulsion sprayers. EPG is more than thrilled to provide only quality products to our customers throughout our entire territory. With the help of EPG, your city will survive this winter!

The use of large salt quantities can have a negative impact on infrastructures. “In terms of pavement, salts can deteriorate concrete or asphalt and increase freeze-thaw damage and road scaling problems. Local departments of transportation spend a lot of money each year to repair or rebuild pavements and most of the damage in cold states is coming from water freezing, along with using large amount of salts”, says Britt Faulstick. These unintended side effects cause long term damage to both asphalt and concrete. Repair your roads with the best of the best… Call 855.552.3742 for more information on our PB Loader selection!

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