Nothing Sweeter Than This Story

  • Normally, candy cleanup doesn’t come to mind when people think of hydro-excavating. In this case, a candy factory in Tennessee needed Environmental Products Group to help them in an unusual way.

    This candy factory houses four on-site silos (all of which are 400 feet tall), but not the typical farm-type of silos. These specific silos hold important ingredients for candy production like sugar and corn syrup – which can make for a very sticky situation. The inside walls of these silos were so heavily caked with matter that it would’ve taken an entire team of workers a day and a half to clean each silo by hand, which is where EPG comes into the picture.

How did EPG Help?

Environmental Products Group was helped to speed up the cleaning process of these silos and make the process as efficient as possible. After using an ice-blasting technique to remove the debris, a TRUVAC Paradigm was present to vacuum the fallen debris out of the silos.  This use of the Paradigm was extremely successful in removing the debris in a short amount of time.

Outside of the use for safe digging excavating, the TRUVAC Paradigm can be used for many jobs, like cleaning candy silos! Who knew?

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