Newest Member of the Pack: TRUVAC Coyote

The TRUVAC Coyote is the newest member of the TRUVAC family. Despite being the most recent addition the the pack, the Coyote has made a name for itself. With its premium quality, exceptional performance and robust design, the Coyote is made with the contractor in mind. The superior quality of the Coyote not only makes this truck built to last, but also easy to operate and maintain. Built for the harshest conditions, TRUVAC has thought of ideal customizations.

The most popular additions are:

  • Many Lighting Options
  • 20 GPM @ 3,000 PSI Water System
  • 800,000 12 Volt Water Heater
  • Polished Aluminum Water Tanks
  • Polished Stainless Steel Cross Cabinet Doors
  • Grease Manifold
  • Wired Pendant for Boom Functions
  • Many Toolbox Configurations Available
  • Tire Chain Hanger

The perfect safe-digging machine for those looking for a classic style hydrovac for demanding applications. This truck can provide unmatched legal payload, withstand the harshest conditions, be fully customized and styled to your needs. The TRUVAC Coyote delivers incredible performance in a small package with maximized legal payloads. All backed by the TRUVAC commitment to quality.

Interested in learning more or experiencing live demo? Call 855.552.3742 to learn more about the TRUVAC Coyote.