Conquer This Winter With Monroe

With some of the coldest months approaching shortly, it is imperative to be prepared for harsh weather. Environmental Products Group is proud to represent Monroe Snow Equipment. Made to protect America’s roadways, Monroe products are dedicated to the safety of the citizens. From snowplows and liquid systems to spreaders, EPG has everything you need!

“Cold weather, freezing and thawing cycles and use of a large amount of deicers can be very destructive. In cold temperatures, materials behave more brittle and can be broken or damaged easily”, Britt Faulstick says. Did you know that “when water freezes and becomes ice, it expands its volume by 9 percent”. This kind of damage can destroy road ways and cost local governments thousands of dollars each winter.

This winter be prepared to maintain your local roads before the damage hits! Call EPG at 855.552.3742 for more information on our current Monroe inventory.