All Roads Lead to TRUVAC!

Currently in the state of Georgia, the most expensive road project is underway. The final cost of the project is estimated to be in the billions, so this is no small job! The jobsite is at the interchange of interstates I-285 and GA 400. There are many businesses, large buildings and even a hospital right next to the junction of these two major interstates, which makes this a difficult job.

Knowing the many surroundings have a multitude of underground utilities, the contractors knew they needed to locate all of the utilities before they started digging. A job this big needed a machine that could quickly (and accurately) locate everything underground.

The contractors of the project reached out to Environmental Products Group and strategically decided to use the TRUVAC Paradigm. The Paradigm is by far the most adaptable sub-compact excavator in the market, making it highly attractive to the construction industry. Being that it can be used for many different jobs, the Paradigm is a very useful product. In this specific case, the entire job was started and completed in the same week.