All About the Vactor 2100i RDB

Environmental Products Group has all you and your crew need to tackle a job. Our Vactor products will help you save time and money when onsite. The 2100i is all about putting the operator first. It employs advanced technology that not only enhances the performance of the equipment but the individuals who operate it. Less fatigue, more comfort, superior power and performance are the controls that truly put the operator in control. All of this in a system designed to be the ultimate in ruggedness, reliability, simplicity and value.

The RDB 1015TM Offers You:

  • Dramatic reduction in set-up and tear-down time with boom’s ability to pay-in and pay-out 15 feet of vacuum hose
  • The ability to work in areas of low overhead clearance without raising the boom and still reach needed depths with enhanced speed and efficiency
  • Transport with catch basin tube attached to start work immediately, or without it for unmatched visibility
  • No additional operator maintenance over a traditional 10’ telescoping boom

The 2100i RDB’s many features include:

Check out the RDB in action on EPG’s Atlanta lot in the video below. Call 855.552.3742 or click HERE to schedule a demo!