All About the Rovver X SAT II

A new Envirosight product has just hit the market and we are proud to offer it to our customers. Completely redesigned, the new ROVVER X SAT II lateral launch crawler stands apart from previous models. Read below to see some of the impressive upgrades that our friends at Envirosight have made to this product.

  • Crawls 1.4x faster and 2x farther
  • Launches 2x faster and 1.5x farther
  • 33% more traction compared to previous models
  • 80″ mainline ability

Watch the video above for a complete and detailed walk around the new ROVVER X SAT II Lateral Launch. To read more on this product click HERE. Environmental Products Group is more than proud to represent Envirosight and their products. Call 855.552.3742 or visit to learn more about what Envirosight products EPG offers.