A Special Thank You

The world is in a situation like never before. For most of us, life has changed to a slower pace of staying on our homes. There is a group of people that do not fall into this category of staying at home… That group is our essential workers. All of our medical and emergency workers, firefighters, police officers, restaurant employees and many more are not offered the option of staying at home.

These are the people risking their health and well being for the sake of our lives. So, to all you essential workers out there – thank you. Our world would be in a much worse state if it weren’t for you making an everyday sacrifice of serving your community. Everyone at EPG and throughout the world is more than thankful for you.

Our partners at Elgin Sweeper Company have created a special video just for those of you making sacrifices for society.

Take care of yourself, be strong, and most importantly, stay safe.